My Political Stance for the 2017 Snap General Election.

My political stances are;

My Main stances are

My 2nd stances are
public services
Human rights
workers rights

My 3rd stances are
Council and social housing
racial hatred
freedom of speech

our NHS is in need of a serious amount of hard cash to sustain it. It is not under pressure because of immigration or the amount of people in the country, but it is under pressure because money is being stripped from the NHS and a destruction rate. Its all purposely done so the Tory lead government can impose a new agenda to the NHS and that’s to make it private. Like in America where its an humanitarian crisis levels, in plain English if you cant pay you suffer or die in most cases.
The NHS needs more doctors, more nurses and more beds, more staff and more PAY.

Our education system is in a state of top down, which means every school child and student is taught from the top down. So this logic is if a student can do the hardest work and pass on it, then the less harder work will be easy to do. This is fundamentally wrong in so many ways, education is NOT a all brush works, education is different for us all, some mathematician couldn’t spell themselves out a paper bag and some English a** can suck at maths, so its not a one works for all solution. which is what this top down system is.

The environment is in danger at such a rate that’s its practically impossible to fix within decades. The amount of damage we have done to the atmosphere and to the water and to the ground itself, is beyond any governments solution, unless there is a blanket like treaty with all nations globally, to help fix this issue in a HARDLINE way, that would be the only way to solve this problem, if its signed and done where no NEW government could scrap it. It’d be a piece of legislation that would never change, unless the planet changes. we should move with the evidence and not political ideologies.

The economy for me is a far out the field view, I do not believe in money or economics.
It does not exist in all reality of the world, money does not run our lands. I have a strong view on money and the economy.
Which would be shot down instantly by anyone who believes in democracy and other political beliefs. Democracy foundation is based upon money and silver and gold. But I stand against it firmly and I will not change my personal views, I have to go along with political parties that encourage economics sadly. Until there is a political party that stands for this as there number 1 policy, until that day I have to tag along.

I am a massive fan of unions in the world as we live in. Id support a unionising of all public services where the pay is protected and the jobs are protected and the ticket prices of all public services can be capped at a liveable rate.
Also the unionising would help workers against bad employers etc. I’d also like to see a governmental taxi service implemented across the UK. where the rates are capped at a certain price per mile. and where jobs are protected etc.

I’m a fan of human rights and I think it should be protected across all governments. Human rights is something that needs to be treasured by everyone elected. and any acts to try and scrap human rights should be met with full force.

I’m a supporter of unions and the protection of workers. So id support an act to unionise all jobs in the UK even private company’s, id like to see them forced into a union agreement. to protect pay, workers, and workers against bad employers and also help in tribunals and any prosecutions etc.

id like to see council housing increased at a 200% rate. So id like to see millions of new council homes for the low paid and homeless and people on the bread line. Id support any government who would do this and make it a priority. Social housing is critical also for struggling people from teenagers being kicked out of home, to people hooked on drugs on the streets and people who are vulnerable. This needs to be increased at a rate of 75% in my opinion.

I support benefit help for the needed and the health checks need to be abolished and this should work with the NHS and when people are already suffering they should not have to go through very evasive assessments. Id like to see them scrapped instantly.
I support a benefit system for the needed, no matter what.

I am totally against any borders being closed and I fully support open borders.
I do NOT link terrorism to immigration, that is a racial stance and I’m not one of them people who take up that stance. I fully support immigration. NOW recently with people from the UK leaving and going to Syria to fight WITH ISIS. Now if we are able to track down these men and women who have done this and who have returned to the UK and living here, if we are able to find these people. I take a very HARDLINE VIEW, and I firstly would like them tried and if proven guilty through EVIDENCE only. If found guilty id have them killed, via hanging or lethal injection. Now i take that position because this ideology is a cancer and placing them in prison they get the chance to radicalize other inmates who are on shorter sentences etc. Systematically getting rid of every member of terrorism groups.

I stand against any racial hatred and religion also, although i am a very strong advocaat of abolishing religion but not in an aggressive way, rather through evidence. but with that aside, i defend peoples rights to there race and to there religion and being discriminated because of them i think it needs a very strict law.

I fully support LIMITED freedom of speech
i think we all can share our views even extreme views far right or far left. But where i draw the line is when it turns from speech to incitement to hate, such as Adolf Hitler he was a very good speaker but he preached HATE and anyone who does the like need there rights revoked.
There is a difference from saying something extreme TO inciting people to do crime or commit murders etc based on this hate speech. There is a fine line but its a very dangerous line.


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