BPD Awareness Month (Self Harm/Self Mutilation) -May 2017-

So todays topic is self harm Or has the Professionals label it Self Mutilation (Which I think is rather a disgusting label personally… (Now I did this blog 2 months ago and directly because its the entire same topic of discussion, I have copied that blog into this one, because it is the same topic 100%. But in this blog I’m going to add Clinical information to enhance the blog has it is BPD Awareness Month. Unlike all other blogs the Clinical Information will be the 1st thing you’ll be reading normally id leave it to after my perspective but this time ill put it up first.

Clinical Information

Definition of Self Mutilation

Self mutilation involves the direct and deliberate destruction or alteration of the body. Examples of these behaviours include cutting, burning, sticking oneself with needles and severe scratching.

Self mutilation is usually very different than other self harming behaviours. Research has shown that individuals who engage in self harm are usually not trying to kill themselves when they engage in the behaviour, although some may report that they have mixed feelings about the intent of the act. This is not to say that people who engage in self mutilation are not suicidal; many people who self mutilate also have suicidal thoughts or even make suicide attempts. In addition, in cases of very severe self mutilation, people have died from their injuries.

Why People Engage in Self Mutilation

Many believe that people engage in self mutilation to get attention. THIS IS A MYTH

Most people who self harm do it in private and make sure that the marks or scars are hidden. They often will wear long sleeves to cover these signs. They are often ashamed of the behaviour and keep it a secret. Particularly for those with BPD who have rejection sensitivity, they worry continuously about people finding out about their secrets.

Research has shown that most people self mutilate in order to help regulate internal experiences such as


Who Engages in Self Mutilation?

Unfortunately, self mutilation is a common behaviour, particularly among those with BPD. One study found that about 40% of college students have engaged in self mutilation at least once and about 10% have engaged in self mutilation 10 or more times. There is evidence that men and women engage in self mutilation at equal rates.

People who have experienced maltreatment during their childhood, such as through sexual abuse or neglect, or who were separated from a caregiver in childhood, are at greater risk for self mutilation than the general population. 

How Is Self Mutilation Treated?

Because self mutilation is often an attempt manage intense feelings, cognitive behavioural treatments for self mutilation focus on helping the person find new, healthier ways of managing emotions and thoughts. For example, one cognitive behavioural treatment for borderline personality disorder, dialectical behaviour therapy, addresses unhealthy attempts at coping by helping the patient learn and practice a new set of coping skills.

In some cases, a doctor may prescribe medications to help regulate emotions and feelings and decrease the urge to self harm.

What To Do If A Friend or Loved One Self Mutilates

If you are going to talk with your friend or loved one about self mutilation, it’s important to do it in a non-judgmental fashion. Approaching them calmly and with care can make the person feel heard and understood.

Before talking with a loved one, it may be a good idea to consult with a therapist who specializes in treating BPD and self mutilation. He can give you professional advice on the best way to approach the situation without frightening or upsetting your loved one.

Get Treatment for Self Mutilation

If you or someone you know is struggling with self mutilation, there are a variety of treatment resources available. These articles cover more about how to find a therapist and the types of therapists available

Well I will begin this post by saying that self harming for Borderliners, I can say from personal experience and from speaking to the professionals such has psychotherapists and psychiatrists and has long has it is not in endangering your life or someone else’s life it is perfectly okay to self harm, weather that be cutting/Blading, Vomiting, or any other self harming escapes.

It is very much thought in the wider world that self harming is a bad thing and that it is something that needs to be prevented and also within the MH community it has this stigma too. Just in my experience and from anecdotal evidence, its very much okay to self harm has it is an escape of the emotions and shit you are going through it is a coping mechanisms, but its important to remember its only okay if your not in endangering your life, now some type of people will ask or say if you self harm aren’t you in endangering your life anyway and the answer to that is no, there is a huge difference from cutting ones arm to jumping in front of a train.

Self Harm is just a coping mechanisms and its a way of one person trying to manage everything without killing themselves there and then, it takes a lot of time and a lot of emotional pain to learn the tools the healthy tools to help cope, but when your first hit with mental health struggles or I should say when you become aware of them, in most cases the 1st thing that happens is self harming, no matter what the self harm is, it could be 1 of a million things, but cutting and vomiting are the most common with many others, so that’s why I use them two. Also I personally have had/have these 2 self harming coping mechanisms in my life so I know from personal experience regarding these 2 things.

Its also perfectly okay to feel a little ashamed of your self harming coping mech, its a normal that awful word, but its a normal thing to feel and think, but remember someone with a broken ankle has to use crutches and they are to embarrassed about it too, but it helps them cope and get about their daily life for that time being, you many self harm for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month , 1 year , 10 years , 30 years ,it doesn’t matter it will take as long has it will need to, until you learn the coping mechs you personally desire its all down individually what works for you and so on, but remember self harming is nothing to be ashamed of even though I did just say you may feel that way about it but try to remember its nothing to be ashamed of for you ,its just your way of saying okay iv taken enough shit today, self harm , your able to then come back down a little and then be able to almost breath fresh air and be like arrr okay.

iv personally cut and vomited has a coping mech, I used to cut in my 1st few years of being aware of my mental health struggles, then I started to vomit and still do to this day, iv been self harming now for over 10 years, but its a coping mech and who is anyone to tell you ,you can cope better in other ways, yes people can give you the tools but its you that’s got to take the bull by the horns and learn them, now I have learned many good ways of coping, but my old habits do come back, but iv learned tools to help cope the correct way lets say. But by no means do I disregard my own ways of coping, I.E self harming, because its a positive within a Negative. Because if we didn’t have that outlet of self harming how would be cope? we perhaps wouldn’t cope, hence why self harming the coping mech for anyone suffering any mental health issue, if we didn’t have that option, the suicide rate I think would be 100’s of thousands of millions higher than it currently is worldwide.

Just try to remember guys that has long has you are NOT endangering your life or anyone else’s then self harming is okay and try not to feel bad about it, its not what its portrayed in the social world has an attention seeking tool, you and I both know that very thought is total bullshit, but remember guys its perfectly fine to self harm. If it helps you cope who am I and who is anyone to tell you different.

I hope this post helps in some way, please remember these are from my own personal experience I don’t claim to be right in everything I say or even 1%, all I can do is speak from experience and from what iv seen and dealt with personally. please feel free to comment anything ,good or bad or anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on Self Harming for Borderliners, Feel free to leave any comments or feedback.


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