BPD Awareness Month (Alcohol Abuse) -May 2017-


Todays topic is Alcohol Abuse (Short Topic) now this topic like many others recently, this problem touches us all, No matter our lifestyle or our mental health or anything, this is a Universal problem within Humanity. But regarding people who are Borderline which todays topic is be about. Todays blog ill be giving you the Clinical Info first & then my perspective which I have a little work on, has iv dealt with alcohol troubles in the past but quiet mild, But I do have something to share today.

Unfortunately, borderline personality disorder (BPD) frequently co-occurs with other conditions that impact mental health. Alcoholism is one disorder that is common among people with BPD. 

The Prevalence of Alcoholism in BPD

There is a remarkable overlap between substance abuse disorders and borderline personality disorder. One recent study found that about 78% of adults who have been diagnosed with BPD will also have a co-occurring substance use disorder at some time in their lives, meaning the symptoms and course of BPD and the substance use disorder occur at the same time.

The most common substance use disorder among people with BPD is alcoholism, followed by cocaine and opiates. Another recent study showed that about 63% of people with BPD participating in the study also had alcohol use disorder. Conversely, the study showed that those with alcohol use disorders were 3.35 times more likely to be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. It’s clear the two often go hand in hand.

Effects of Co-Occurring Alcoholism and BPD

Unfortunately, there is also evidence that people with both BPD and alcoholism have more difficulties in their lives and are less responsive to treatment than people who have only one of the disorders. For example, people with alcoholism and BPD are less likely to stay in substance abuse treatment, have more distress and suicidal thoughts, and are more likely to engage in other addictive behaviours, such as binge eating or gambling, than those with alcoholism who do not also have BPD. However, treatment can be very effective for those who stick with it.

Why Do Alcoholism and BPD Co-Occur So Frequently?

Most likely, several factors account for the high rate of co-occurrence of alcohol use disorder and borderline personality disorder. First, BPD and alcoholism may share common genetic pathways. That is, some of the genes that put people at higher risk for BPD may also create higher risk for alcoholism.

Secondly, there may be common environmental causes for alcoholism in BPD. For example, experiences of maltreatment in childhood, such as physical or sexual abuse, or emotional abuse or neglect, have been linked to both BPD and alcoholism.

Another potential reason for the link between alcoholism and borderline personality disorder is because individuals with BPD may use alcohol to decrease the intense emotional experiences that are a hallmark of BPD. Because people with BPD have strong emotions frequently, casual use of alcohol to self-medicate may lead to abuse or dependence.

The second recent study referenced above mentions another possible explanation for co-occurrence of BPD and alcohol use disorder, as well as opiate and cocaine abuse, all three of which are most closely linked with BPD. Evidently, alcohol, opiates and cocaine all stimulate the endogenous opioid system (EOS), whose function is to relieve pain and act in reward and reinforcement behaviours.

BPD symptoms have been connected to the EOS not functioning well, so the link may be that people with BPD are more likely to abuse these three substances since they activate the EOS. 

Getting Help for Alcoholism and BPD

If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcoholism and BPD, you need to get help. These two conditions are not easily tackled alone. Contact your doctor, find a therapist or check out Alcoholics Anonymous. 

So my alcohol troubles have been fairly mild in my life, iv never really liked drinking much other than drinking ‘Stella’ Which used to get me Violent but I did at one stage drink a lot by my standards id have 4 cans of larger for breakfast and then a nice munch throughout the day while still drinking beers throughout the day, id perhaps drink around 15 cans of larger a day, I went through this stage for about 2 months and that’s the height of my drinking issues, the main issue I had with it was id drink ‘Stella’ just to get me in the fight mood and then id go out with friends into town all tanked up, this is when I was young around age 17/18 and was filled with nothing but anger. But that really is the height of my drinking abuse, Now I did drink during taking meds and in many I mean many overdoses and suicide attempts, but that drinking was tiny compared to the amount of pills I would be taking. All MEDS by the way and painkillers, if you’ve read my blog on ‘Drug Abuse’ you’ll know I had an addiction to painkillers etc. But this is all I can really say relating to Alcoholism with BPD.

Thank you for reading todays blog on Alcohol Abuse.


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