My Political & Universal & Religious Views

This is not a typical topic id normally talk about but id just like to make my political views known on my webpage, which I’ll declare all my political views, which I think does in some sense fit into my webpage work because this makes up a big part of my personality.  (Also ill be talking about my Universal Beliefs also, which impact my political beliefs massively)

Which makes up part of who I am just like my mental health struggles past & present, that equally makes a big part of who I am.

I’m in no way trying to convert anyone into anything, I’m just simply putting my beliefs and my political views onto a Blog. Agree or Disagree that’s perfectly fine and I support you either way to express your views on my views.

Before you begin I will say I’m More now of a Center/Left person, I was Center for many many years but recently I’ve taken on Some Socialism idea’s which are similar to CLASSIC LIBERALISM but they do go down two separate roads later on, but they do run very close together.

Although I’m Center/Left and a Classic Liberal, you may notice a few you’d might label them Far Right or Right views, I state clearly my views and I’m not 100% on one side, I have mixes of all sides, to show you what I mean, this will sound contradictory but once you read my explanation then you might understand my point of.

  • ‘I’m a Liberal who believes in Capital Punishment’

That very sentence sounds like it will clash & maybe it does, but once you read my explanation you might tend to agree with me









Political Party’s I tend to support

So id like to begin by stating that I’m a Liberal at heart but I’m NOT a Liberal Democrat supporter (A UK PARTY), I’m more of a Classic Liberalism person rather than the New ‘Modern Liberalism’ person, the difference is simply this

‘Modern Liberalism’ believes that capitalism is the way to move forward, they believe in Governmental Powers & they believe in making money etc

‘Classic Liberalism’ is totally against any Governed power, any money making system that can discriminate against anyone, it also makes clear that they do NOT support capitalism or any capitalistic ideologies

That is the difference between Modern Liberalism & classic Liberalism which classic is what I’m proudly apart of in my belief system

This is just a small brief of the differences between the two & unfortunately classic liberalism has almost been wiped off the planet by modern liberalism which is very sad to see, but there are a few nations in the world that adopt classic liberalism with some give and take. If I was to state everything that is different between the two, it would be an entire blogs worth

If you feel you’d like more information, google classic liberalism & modern liberalism and enjoy what you may read. So just to be clear I don’t support Capitalism or Socialism or Communism or any other system in place in the world

The only system I support is Classic Liberalism which is man and nature has a one, in essence – we are all a one and united together to work for man’s benefit & not no money making benefit. I also do not believe in Money, I think its one of the gravest things we could of ever created

Trade on the other hand is the best way – I trade you 3 apples for 1 banana, that’s the best way to live at least to me.

Its not Governed nor is it about making more and more, its simply trading what you need for that moment in time and not to create more and more. We can all make more for our self’s if we actually still grew our foods, rather than have them chemically made in a lab.

Views on Immigration

Immigration in my country is a very toxic topic with in my personal opinion this topic comes with a lot of racism & xenophobia & just out right discrimination, ‘US vs THEM’ mentality that’s the mentality of a lot of people in this country in my personal view

I personally believe that immigration is very good for any land, in my view there is no just cause for saying that anyone cannot move to a nation unless they have a history of violence such has murder or rape or anything worse in them cases I defend the right to stop them from entering the said nation that is just in my view.

But saying an entire sect of humanity are banned from entering any nation that in my view is plain wrong and I’m against this. Also I’m against the immigration laws in most nations, the only factor id stop someone entering a nation is the example I laid out above, the size of the nation & the amount of people in any nation I don’t believe that there is a said limit of people in any nation, which you might hear a lot in whatever nation your reading this from you might hear politicians say ‘ we have xxx Millions & we cant allow xxx millions to arrive here, because we need space for our own people.

This is the type of talk that is said when immigrants is the topic. I detest this type of mentality & mind set & sadly many millions have this view. Each to their own but id rather never be in contact with anyone like this, openly discriminating people, has you might already know I’m totally against any stigma for any/all reasons.

I Believe everyone has the right to move to any nation they would like to, no human on the planet can say no if the said person/s have done nothing wrong to any other human.

Views on Borders

My stance on borders is quiet simple yet detailed, I personally do not believe in borders for the simple fact that, we us the human race have zero right to say to any other human that they are not allowed to walk on the ground under my feet. We have no right what so ever to say this or even believe this, The Universe is the only thing that decides what’s what, Mother Nature herself has all the rights to determine who gets to survive & who gets to live on any ground on this entire planet.

Therefore the political stance within the entire world is far too gone down the entire wrong road in my opinion, there is so much nationalism within the world its beyond any reasonings on these basis’s.

The very fact that borders exist does disgust me & then I hear so much hate spoken about the ‘OTHER’ the immigrant is hated, yet we are all immigrants, if we all went to where we originally came from then the world would be a different place also it would be a lot less volatile and a lot more racist ideas would be quashed, but in this world that is a less and less chance, I almost would say its odds are 0.000000009% of ever happening.

I also do not believe in passports or border checks, although this may sound like it goes against what I just said, I do believe in ID cards with a photo of yourself and your name and date of birth and country of residence (just for time purposes only, example john smith, there could be 15 million john smiths, but only 2,000 in said nation there from), ID cards for purpose of identity only and not some certificate to prove that you can enter any nation or proof of anything, its strictly just a form of identification.

Reason I’m using the passport has an example, where I’m from which is the UK, the racist talk is that, anyone can get a passport and come here, the passport adds to the mentality of racism of the hate to the ‘OTHER’, my ID card idea I think would null that symptom because if everyone has an ID card and there is NO qualifications to allow said person to travel to any nation, if we all have that right to travel and the id card for identity, then the racist talk at least in my mind would be nulled. Because we all can do the very same thing.


Nationalism to me is the 2nd biggest man made Cancer to ever be created by man, the number 1 to me is CAPITALISM

Nationalism is based off racist ideas and based off very uneducated stances such has in this country the UK, there is a lot of hate towards eastern Europeans and Muslims. Yet the very fact that So called ‘English’ people say go back to where you come from

I always pose this to them bigots, I say to them where are you from? they will say things like, my parents are Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, German – etc now I say to them, then you go back to where you come from then, to get the reply I’m ENGLISH, now with that there is NO SUCH thing has an ENGLISHMAN –

– If you are English, you come from 3 places – Your either Germanic (German), Celts (scots), Saxon/Vikings which them 2 have Greek heritage within them, so you’re not 100% ENGLISH, Because ENGLISH does not exist, English is a mixture of several different nations.

Therefore when English morons say they hate immigrants, what they are saying is that they hate themselves & their families. But a lot of people don’t care about what’s natural, they just care about, I was born in a box named A, and if you’re born in a box named B then you’re an immigrant so leave.

Nationalism is a cancer, lead by blind white fascists, there morons also believe in the white right and all that comes from that stupidity. The very fact we speak English is thanks to the Romans who invaded at that time England isles.

Its shown in our computers, the auto picked typing style chosen on all UK based computers is

‘TIMES NEW ROMAN’ – ‘TIMES – Times represents the English times newspaper, ‘NEW ROMAN’ comes from the fact the ROMANS gave us our entire language

just like its thanks to the GREEKS that we use math in the way we do, also a massive thanks to the Arabic lands who created maths to begin with.

So we have a lot to thank other races and nations for, yet all this is ignored because they wasn’t born on these lands, because this land is somehow different to other lands.

Views on FAR Left, Left, Center, Right, FAR Right


The FAR LEFT is quiet has damaging has the FAR RIGHT, in a sense that the far left support idea’s of anyone with any center or right ideas or mind set are the enemy within

The far left supports pro capitalism to a certain extent of where id say its damaging, because to dismiss all ideas other than far left is quiet ignorant, The Political Correctness is the FAR LEFT, to be so far gone is the far left because they would like to make everything PC, So that the right to offend would be an offense or crime, the right that everyone wins, everything is gifted to people, very pro correctness and anti any views that are classed has non pc, Just has saying something like – ‘Men are stronger than Women Naturally’ That to a far lefty that is disgraceful because its NON PC, Even though its scientifically true or naturally true that is entirely irrelevant if its NON PC then its WRONG. Even if you’re right


The LEFT is perhaps the best or 2nd best position to be in, in my view, the left supports equality for all in a socialist idea, socialism can work but it is very difficult within certain nations around the world.

Integration and tolerance is what the left is all about and working for all no matter what position you are. Although they believe in capitalism to a certain extent, if we divided up all the money in the right way, the entire society and services in general would work perfectly in a left/socialist way


  The CENTER (Where I was for many years, I’m now Center, left) – The center is 9/10 based on a Liberal idea of society, but sadly the center is taken by the Modern Liberalism, and modern liberalism believes in capitalism.

But with that aside the center believe in all rights for all, no matter what political position you are, no matter what ethnicity you are, no matter where you are born, no matter what they believe we all are one, this in my personal view is the Greatest way to be, BUT I left the center beliefs, entirely on the modern liberalism, capitalism ideologies.

But I personally do think the center is the best for a idea of the world, Yet the center and left and far left do not believe in capital punishment, where in a tolerant liberal society its hard to swallow to allow certain types of people to skip just punishment, there are 3 crimes against humans that I would support capital punishment because its a just punishment for said crimes, and the center, left, far left do not believe in this


The RIGHT is very similar to the far right but it does have significant differences at least in my opinion. Unlike the far right, the right can tolerate immigration and foreign people/workers working within society yet the right support things such has lower wages for immigrants and sections of society sectioned apart, so that the immigration community are alone together and us that are born here, stay in our own zone.

In an easier way to describe it is, if you remember what America was like in the 60’s where the Black community had there own section within a town/city that they did not travel within the white community and if they did there was severe consequences, by government/police and the public.

This is a right mentality, so segregation and keeping people to their own, this is a right mentality. Now although I’ve not spoken much on the economy regarding the right, but if you take what I’ve already said, you’ll be able to process the working life into the picture so its quiet self explanatory.


The FAR RIGHT I personally have zero time for, and thus I actually would rather everyone with a FAR RIGHT mind set, id rather that they would be revoked all rights to speak & to vote & to create anything to society, I personally believe they should be excluded from all aspects of society

Now at the start of this blog I did say I’m a Liberal – But I believe that you cannot have a Liberal society while you have scum walking the streets and allowing them a voice within society, I believe its impossible to combine the two.

Its best to just get rid of them entirely and then have the tolerant liberal society with NO RACIST ideas or racism around, yes I’m aware tolerance is about tolerating others with different views, but there is a massive difference from disagreeing with someone & having a nice debate about things TO our right racist hate, and hate speech.

You cannot debate a racist, although its fun to highlight their stupidity but its also dangerous to allow them to speak, because racist propaganda is rather persuasive


Now national security is a touchy topic for many, ill just state my beliefs simply, I do not believe in TRIDENT (WMD’S) I do not support this nuclear bomb defence system, I also do NOT support the Troops, I do not support any arms or any defence by murder or war, I personally believe that no nation on the planet have the right to wipe out any other nation or said people.

Now when I say these things I always get thrown at me real life events such has terrorists attacks etc, now on this I do believe in eye for an eye, which means then on them situations then I fully support just action to take them out, but I do not support invading nations or anything like that.

But I do support in eye for an eye, so in that situation I support action to be taken but directly to the people who caused the damage NOT an entire nation, you do not attack an entire nation of millions of people on the actions of a few to the point of something like 0.0001%, easier put if a nation has 10 Million people in it, and 5 people did a terror attack you do not attack the 10 Million on the actions of just 5.

Now if you did just action on the 5 and the 5 alone then that is just and fair


Now sovereignty I believe in every nation has the right to be sovereign to themselves

(Although my personal view is that no nation has the right to exist, in the sense of I’m a full supporter of planet earth has a one, I do not agree with what humanity has done in recent centuries, but I have to put this fundamental belief aside because it does not fit into todays politics, so I have to put that aside, has hard has that is for me to do)

Now I believe that every nation has the right to be sovereign and I do not believe in unions such has the United Kingdom, United States, Czechslovakia etc – simply put I believe while we are living in this type of world that every nation is to themselves and has the right to be


Now its well thought of if someone is a Liberal that they cannot believe in this Capital Punishment, but i do i believe in capital punishment for the just, such has HATE groups such has NEO NAZI’S. i personally believe that every single Neo Nazi deserves punishment for being apart of such an organization, and what i mean by that is simply this. Because they are Nazi’s & i don’t want to offend anyone with this but directly because they are Nazi’s id support in a programme of Gassing every Nazi member known to man, Wipe out the entire Nazi ideology. Some may disagree but i passionately believe in this, we cannot have a tolerant liberal society while we have vile scum like that walking the streets, who promote HATE on race levels, i do believe in opposing views and debate 100% but where i draw the line is in HATE SPEECH, once it goes there, then if they are a political movement i support stopping that movement at all costs.

My Universal Beliefs

So this part heavily influences my political beliefs, my Universal beliefs are quiet deep but I think they are very well suited for this blog. To start off with I’m a man of Evidence & Science although I term myself has a ‘Dark matter’ Science person, I don’t believe in ‘Modern Science’ So with that said, I go against entirely against religion and I fully endorse the Universe.

Example is I believe we are all made of stardust, we are all apart of the Universe because we are made from the universe itself, I believe that mother nature is the king/queen of everything and Evolution is the key. Everything Evolves naturally in time at the right time, only the Universe itself knows when its the right time for something to happen. NOT any human being, which sadly ‘Modern Science’ is beginning to mess about with things it has less than zero right to touch, example is – AGEING, Science are trying to find a way to prevent ageing and that disgusts me, because its not natural, human is corrupting the natural patterns for its own benefit.

Man will always want what he cant have, and sadly science has taken that on board to which makes ‘modern science’ all that more deplorable. I’m what you might call a ‘Tree Hugger’ I believe that mother earth is the kingdom of the life we live, example in several debates I have had, talking about naturalness and I simply say this.

Mother earth provides us with everything we need to survive our time we are in, no matter what the time is Evolution works in sync with mother nature & the Universe has it is all a One. So the universe has provided us with everything we need to survive, YET man has corrupted everything for his own benefit, you just have to look around you and see, the fact we live in homes made of bricks, the fact we drive motor vehicles, the fact we wear clothes, the fact we have internet etc, everything you see is a corruption by man, all these things was NOT nor ever have been in the plan for Humanity, its only down to the man that these things have happened.

Yes I’m aware of the argument that we have evolved with the power to create because we are intelligent animals (Yes we are Animals) but the fact we have the power TO, Doesn’t mean we SHOULD

Yes I live in this world like the rest of us, but if there was an opportunity to live like we was designed to do by the universe then I would do it in a heart beat, but sadly if I went or tried to go through the process of deregistering myself its a in prisonable CRIME against the system. its not allowed to legally do this, because we are all apart of the government, you just have to look at your birth certificate to see that, you are OWNED from the very second you’re born.

I also believe in energy, example with ‘Trees’ I say this, some might get it, some might not, ‘Id never hang someone on a tree because the negative energy will infect the tree & that negative energy will go into the earth & that is a bad thing to happen/do’. I fully support the fight to keep all trees ALIVE, because the man yet again is destroying what mother nature gave us to survive with, man is killing all trees & destroying all earth itself, i.e. CLIMATE CHANGE…

Now this part is going very deep with me, But if you didn’t know already, there is more STARS than Humans, there is around 7 Billion humans, there is around ten times that many stars. I personally believe this – that we us all have our own star, once we end in a mortal life we go back to our star, us alone not in human form but our soul that’s home, the stars and the universe is our home, Now although I don’t believe in any living forces in the Universe (Not including planets) even though I believe that there is no living force in the Universe, I do believe each individual star has living forms within it, example the Big Bang was a result of a Star imploding within itself, thus planet earth wasn’t formed but rather it was a reaction to that action within the Universe

So if an imploding star can create a living planet then I do believe that, the star itself can have living forms within it, Now this can get very complicated because a star imploding provided this planet so to attack my point of ‘We have our own star’ if a star has the capabilities to have billions of life forms on whatever it has created then the 1 star to myself seems extremely inaccurate, but there is a phrase – ‘Just because you CAN, Doesn’t mean you SHOULD’

I’m aware this section is very complicated and can be lead to several debating areas within what I’m saying but I do personally believe that it does all connect if understood the way I’m presenting it

Now I do believe in life after death and in reincarnation, but I do NOT believe in no heaven or hell. I believe in what I can actually see. I’m also an Animal rights activist & I’m a vegetarian too, have been all my life, now I always get the point of view of, we need to kill and eat animals to survive, I totally disagree 100%, we actually DONT need to eat other living flesh to survive, we can survive perfectly well on what mother nature provides us, Water and grown food from the earth, The earth provides us everything we need the argument that we have the power to create, thus buildings are created & clothes are made to wear etc

This goes entirely against what the earth provided us, we can survive with everything naturally. Once you MIX substance A with substance B, it then becomes man made and that goes against what’s natural, even when both substances are natural by the earth this still does not negate the fact that its not natural, because natural is the substance has a one, once you mix substances together its not natural, which explains why the world is in the state it is, because almost everything that is natural has been wiped out by the Human, which is a disgrace beyond words.

Not only have Human wiped out many animals and made several animals on the brink of extinction, the Human is also destroying all trees and Billions upon Billions akers of land has been destroyed for mans wants, which is entirely against the earth, because mans desires are more important than what’s natural. Thus why the climate change issue is so big because we the Human have destroyed the planet on such a level with pollution that the earth is in a risky positon.

which is entirely disgraceful there is not one good thing to happen with this other than mans comfort. The very fact the Human could be responsible for earths demise is reprehensible. Utter Disgrace, and a deserved Explosion of earth & the wipe out of the Human race 100% is the just punishment for this disgraceful act

Life isn’t about comfort it is about surviving, only man has changed the goal posts, but the facts remain we are here to survive not thrive. But like I said its man’s desires to want what he cant have

I’ve kept the animal rights part very brief because ill be doing an entire blog on that in the new year, but I’ve spoken about it on a relevant point within this blogs parameters

I do believe that the universe has no creator nor does it have a living breathing form within itself, I do believe it is there for its own purpose, that I do not know nor have any confidence in stating anything because I lack any knowledge in that specific comment.. But I do believe that the universe will do whatever is natural and it provides us with whatever is needed, Not wanted but needed, if that means natural actions within the universe happen to make things happen like an imploding star to create planets or to create something with life forces. i.e.

earth then if that is what is naturally right then it will happen. Now this does sound like a thinking conscious living form, but it only does to us has humans, its actually doesn’t have to be, it can just be there for its own purpose. we like to think of things has a living thing hence why some believe the Universe is God… Now I didn’t say that god created the universe – I what I did say is some believe that the Universe is God… And that argument is very good, and it does make me stand still and think, but I do not believe that, but it is a good debating point to make

I do not believe the universe just popped out of nowhere, I don’t believe that, I do believe that its always been there & will be forever. But its purpose I honestly do not know

Just on a side point I don’t believe that the Dinosaurs was wiped out by a asteroid  or anything like that, I believe they died out naturally, the earths climate changed which caused there extinction

My Religious Views

Now my views on religion are very strong & somewhat aggressive, ill start by saying I wish no offense with my views, so if you are easily offended when it comes to religion which is a sensitive topic for many – if you find it difficult to read views that go against your said religion then id suggest you skip this section has this is the final part of this blog. So NO OFFENSE INTEDED – Ill be talking about the 2 main religions which are – Christianity, Islam, I’m not talking about Judaism because i don’t know enough to talk about it

Christianity – So the Christian faith I have the most anger/hatred for, I reject outright the bible & the total nonsensical rubbish that is written within the pages, I reject that Jesus was God’s prophet, Rather he was just a man who was born from a Roman Solider, I believe that Jesus thought he was the son of god, but in fact he was just a man & an entire religion has been based off this man.

Christianity in a sense isn’t even related to GOD, its directly related to Jesus Christ – which like I said he is just a man and Billions throughout all time have worshiped this man for what reason exactly? Christians believe the bible & its the words of Jesus when in fact Jesus did write in his time yes and its cherry picked what he wrote and inserted into the bible, the bible is largely made up of other peoples interpretation and NOT the direct words of Jesus/god – the reason i mention god is because its well assumed that Jesus is a prophet from god, so Jesus has gods message.

I outright reject this – The Catholic faith which i detest the most is an abomination to humanity the very fact of what they believe is just plain disgraceful & even Christians look at Catholics with distain, i personally detest Catholicism. The thought to raise you’re child in a Christian household is somehow thought of has the best thing, but telling a child if you don’t love this being then you will BURN for ever and when all you’re skin burns off, you will regrow it and then BURN again and again for the rest of time, this is CHILD ABUSE in my mind, the very fact Christians say I’ve submitted to god and I’m living my life for him is an utter disgrace, because they follow like the sheep because they are SCARED of the Consequences if they reject his love, God is like ‘Ill give you free will to choose to love me or not, but if you use that free will to not love me then i will kill you and place you in hell to burn for ever’ This is a loving god who wants NATURAL LOVE…. Of course he is – He is more of a tyrannical son of a bitch

Who if i ever had the chance to murder myself i would. How on earth can anyone defend this thought process, Christians love god out of fear… Its like the Mob movies when the gangster says – What would you rather be – Loved OR Feared! This clown demands both and gets both too. The very fact that Christians believe they are a better person than an ATHEIST and a better person because they have FAITH is out right disgusting, what makes you a good person or not is what you do, NOT what you believe, people of faith are so ignorant and proud to be a blind sheep its actually amusing, because they think they have Jesus on there side, because that worked well before didn’t it, while he was being nailed to a piece of wood…

Following a man who was killed for his beliefs somehow believing it today is somehow different to that of them times.  Also if you are a Christian reading this then the part where i said Jesus the son of a roman solider, to find this information its in the TALMUD, Now although I’ve said my views in no uncertain terms id like to make it clear I’m NOT an ATHEIST I’m an Agnostic – I believe ATHEISTS are just has religious has religious people.

Religious people believe 100% god is real, and atheists believe 100% god isn’t real, i personally don’t believe in god, but if he is real then I’ve made it clear in other blogs id fully support and be on the side of the Ark Angel Lucifer, The god of light, if all this is true then id be on the side to try and take down this tyrannical idiot.

But i highly doubt that any of that is real, but I’ve spoken on Lucifer in great detail and what i think about that energy is what it is – I must say i do reference the words ‘Him’ He’ when i talk about god, its the easiest way to type it, id like to personally make it clear that if they are real they are more of an Energy rather than a He/she/he’she < Which means has both sexual organs>

Has you can tell i have a lot of distain for this faith and everything it stands for & the clown called god is just a tyrannical murderous son of a bitch.  

Islam – There is a lot to be said about Islam the main thing i want to talk about is the fact in the Qur’an it says you can RAPE your wife, Islam or rather the Qur’an has many disgusting things written in it, just like the Bible but this one quote i find an utter disgrace, the very fact that some Muslims believe this, that GOD allows you to RAPE you’re wife.

Just what can i say that can add to that…. I personally have not a lot to say about Islam, unlike most of the western world, there is a lot that is wrong done in the name of Islam, but I’m not no MEDIA PROPAGANDA MORON, who spins everything, from what is written in the Qur’an the said topic above is the only thing i want to talk about regarding Islam. This isn’t out of fear or anything to show that

The very fact Muslims believe that Mohammed went to heaven on a winged horse, i could try to say that with a straight face but its impossible. Equally ridiculous has a Virgin Giving Birth!

Id like to thank anyone who read todays blog, which is different than what id normally do. But these 3 things make up who i am 99.9% so i find it right to add to my work. Hope you enjoyed todays blog, feel free to leave any comments or feedback




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