International Men’s Day (Men’s Suicide Awareness Day)


(Short Blog)

Todays blog is INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY, Raising Awareness for men’s mental health & specifically Men’s Suicide Rates & Suicide in general for men. Suicide has been for a while the number 1 cause of men’s deaths it outshines cancer to an alarming rate, Cancer in 2013 was 3rd in the rates of men’s death with Suicide being 1st miles ahead of Cancer and its 2nd place which was Accidental Poisoning that was 2nd in 2013. In the last 3 years since then it has got so much worse with the STIGMA still being so tightly held against men with mental health problems, Its so STIGMAISED that men don’t or not allowed to cry or show emotions.


Men in the STIGMA world men have to suck it up & not show one ounce of sadness or emotion because they would be seen has weak & quiet frankly aberrant words thrown at men which are vulgar, ill share one which I’m sure anyone reading this will already know perhaps the number 1 or 2 thing to be called if a man shows emotion. That word is ‘Pussy’ or the derogatory word used against gay men, which I will NOT say. But these type of words are used in such a way its like most people will be like why are you getting so upset with that word its just BANTER.


Well picture the same scenario but its a woman, a woman is showing emotion imagine it & someone comes up to them and says something like ‘Oh stop being an ATTENTION SEEKING BITCH’ Now them words to a female who’s suffering is just has damaging has a man being called a ‘Pussy’ by fellow men. The reason I’m saying these horrible words is because its these type of words that are used on a daily basis & people seem to just brush it under the carpet or use the excuse of its just BANTER. Its actually not what it is doing is STIGMATISING that person who is already suffering, now they are made to feel ashamed of their emotions & feel even more worthless.


Its small words like these that pile on the pressure for men, we always have to be seen has tough & strong even when we are at breaking point. This needs to STOP we are in the year of 2016 & these things still are going on, STIGMA is the KING of all mental health ills, because someone with cancer get treated accordingly they don’t get made out to be anything other than a Human who is in need of help, Yet with mental health we are looked at has oh time wasters, oh attention seeking, oh we don’t understand what your going through so you know what here’s a kick to the stomach while your down I might as well kick you.


You’d never dream of doing that to someone with cancer, so why would anyone do it to someone who is clearly struggling mentally. More to the point why would anyone do it regardless, but in this world which is cruel we have to BAND TOGETHER to BREAK STIGMA’S. RAISE AWARENESS keep making our voices heard. that’s the only way we will CRUSH STIGMA is if we work together has an ENTIRE SOCIETY.


Thank you for taking the time to read this short passionate blog on INTERNATIONAL MENS DAY. Take care everyone


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