The Medical System (How I would do it)

Now todays blog is a topic that hits us all who suffer with any physical or Mental health problem, that is the Medical system/industry. This system treats us for everything to do with our minds & Body. I’m going to be talking about the Mental Health side of the Medical system today & A deep thought out way I personally think the system should act VS the reality of how it actually does act. Now I can only base my views off my experiences, I live in the UK so I can only give an idea of changes id like to see according to the system we have over here, it is different for example America where their system is very much different to ours. So please bare that in mind when reading my blog today. I’m going to touching just 3 topics within the 1 topic, which are :

1. The Diagnosis

2. The Treatment

3. The Medication


The Diagnosis

What I would rather see is something like this when getting the diagnosis, firstly once the person has raised the fact their maybe a mental health issue going on, instead of giving them anti-depressants straight away and sending them away to wait for 3-6 months before they even get an appointment with a mental health professional, instead of this way of working which is pathetic.

Instead we should once the person has raised issues, that the system sets out a series of health checks for the safety of the person and others and then within 24 hours have a plan set in place for the person to receive maybe a telephone call with the right agency to arrange a meeting within 5 days and then arrange a plan with the person by asking them, what is going on for them? why they think they need help any help? what help would they like to get from said service, once these things are checked out with the person then a meeting can be arranged and then the person can get the help they need & maybe TEMPORARY medication can be issued for the time being to help calm any issues the person maybe having while a treatment plan is put in place, this treatment plan should take no longer than 2 weeks.

And should meet the persons individual needs rather than a BLOCK need, i.e. TICK SHEETS (mental health assessment forms) which I’m sure you are familiar with if reading this blog, them forms are pathetic. So once a treatment plan is set in place for the person to meet their needs, then the person can then go through the process. Hopefully nipping anything in the bud before it has time to grow, which in this system you are lucky to get on any treatment plan within 1 year, LUCKY…

This way the person gets QUICK, RAPID help to help them & also crack anything early before it grows. Now I am aware this doesn’t quiet meet the needs for someone who has long term, long rooted issues, but in theory it can work just has well, because if that person has long term issues then its a lot easier to get to the problems because the person will know what’s going on for the most part, rather than someone new to mental health issues, who are completely blind, at least with someone who’s suffered years upon years they are like half blind, if that makes sense.

This way can still work for them because the very same principal system is in place and thus the person with longer standard issues will benefit the same way. – Once a diagnosis has been identified then the said person can then go into a full therapy plan for them, which fits for there issues they maybe having, instead of the system we have now, that gets a block load of people with different issues to mix together in 1 block therapy. That does NOT work at all, you cannot treat someone who has BPD & someone who has Schizophrenia you cannot treat them with the very same therapy because they are 2 total different diagnosis which require 2 totally different treatment plans & therapies.

So quick, rapid help with NO MEDS initially, a treatment plan set up, a meeting arranged within 5 days, a therapy plan set up within 2 weeks. (Not including waiting lists, realistically you will be waiting on a waiting list, you cannot avoid that).


The Treatment

The treatment plan should consist for the person individually not a BLOCK treatment system, the treatment plan should meet the persons individual needs so that the correct therapy can be applied to the person so it works quickly, rather than going through a series of therapies that have zero effect for the person because its NOT the right therapy for them. Yes this will take more time to do, but it will be more effective, less reoccurring issues.

The treatment plan should include a therapy plan, a medication plan IF needed, a weekly check up or meeting with their individual therapist or mental health professional who works with them in their treatment process. Also allowing different mental health systems work with each other, in this sense, for 1 treatment your only allowed to use that service at that 1 time & not allowed to use any other mental health service while under 1 treatment service.

What I would do is, allow all mental health services work together for the said person, so for example if the person is having treatment for depression, and they also suffer with gender issues, and also suffer with personality issues, then id allow all the 3 services to work together with that person, so they can have an entire treatment plan & therapy & medication plan all set in place for each 3 issues that they suffer with. Instead of only allowing them to have this just for 1 issue & leaving the others with nothing. Instead of that way, id do it so the person is having all treatments for their issues, which is a massive bulk of treatments & therapies, Yes but its effective for the person to have all these things tackled together.

(BUT this can only work if the person is READY to do the work, a slower version of this entire process can be set in place for the people who are struggling to confront their issues, but for the ones ready, this I think will work very well).


The Medication

Now my personal view is I’m Against all Medication for Mental Health issues, No matter how bad the person maybe. But I cannot allow my personal view to cloud the blog, because I’m very much aware a lot of people in the Mental health system support meds, so I’m going to give a balanced plan for meds which relates to the blog.

So medication now I go back to the beginning of the blog with this, Now I think that only meds should be given to the person for a TEMPORARY time while a plan is set in place, now the meds should meet the needs for the person has an individual instead of a Block, now only Low doses I think should be given so its easier for the person once stopped is almost simple has 1,2,3 to get off.

Now once a entire treatment & therapy plan is set in place then the issues of meds arrive which I think a specific type of med should be used to help the person, NOT help the COST EFFECTIVENESS that takes place, instead of giving the person the cheapest, useless meds that do not work instead of wasting time with that Crap, instead no matter the COST of the drug, if it is the correct drug to help the person then it should be used for how ever the time period is for that drug, which is entirely down to the doctors over seeing the persons care. But I strongly believe that MEDS should NOT be used in therapy.

Because majority of the meds we have are emotional blockers which for therapy being on drugs that BLOCK your EMOTIONS is pretty much pointless. Its like trying to juggle 3 balls with no arms, its not going to get you anywhere other than failure. So this is my vision for the meds side of this blog. I think this is a helpful way to help the person and not help the Cost effectiveness that breeds within the Mental Health system.


Now this blog is quiet brief for such a BIG topic, but I’m just giving you the basic vision for this, rather than go into all the details because if I was to, then this blog would be over 50,000 words long. Because there is a lot of parts to this system, but with what I’ve said I think it would change for the better which would also rid a lot of the red tape within the system.

Id like to thank anyone who took the time to read this blog today, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback or messages.


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