Medication Failure, Chemical Imbalance, My view on changing the Medical Industry

Id like to start todays blog on ‘Meds’ with stating I’ve had a long experience with meds for all types of mental health & physical health problems. So ill be talking about a wider range of meds than just the typical antidepressants type of blog.

Medication Failure

I first began to take Meds at the age of 16 when I was severely depressed, I went to see my doctor to see what he could do, & he gave me antidepressants to help boost my mood, but has expected this had a limited & quiet frankly an unproductive intervention. The pills made me put on a lot of weight, because they make you eat,eat,eat till the cows come home, they do help with your mood, for me they helped by just making me think about food, weather that was good or bad, I don’t know. But what I do know is that they didn’t make me better, after 3 months they would of worn off, & then your smack back where you started after crashing from the highs you was previously on, & the only answer doctors have is to try you on another set of meds for another 3 months & the cycle continues. Month after month, Year after Year, Decade after Decade.

What meds have done to my body is unthinkable, I now have a Blood disorder that will never get better, I have extremely thin Blood because of the meds I was on for several years non stop. The meds are solely the reason I have a blood disorder, which lead me to have several serious life threatening issues. From Gastro-Entrolightus, to Pancrititas to having a Hole in my liver, all this stemed from my blood disorder. I was NOT allowed any operations unless it was life or death, not 1, not 2, but over 5 Consultants in hospital told me that if they was to ‘Cut me open’ the blood loss would kill me, therefore there not allowed to do any operations on me, even after I had begged them & I had said I will sign the consent form to allow NO fault prosicutions etc, they still said NO. Unless I was in a life or death situation. So I had to go several years in extreme pain fighting all my problems where a few simple operations could of fixed within 6 months. I had to go over 7 years of this hell to build my body back up. Which I have done now.

Chemical Imbalance

Meds do help many people but I take a personal stance against Meds & the Pharmaceutical industry, I do NOT support any meds for any situation (MH ONLY), yes this may sound counter-productive but I personally believe that there is No such thing has a Chemical imbalance. Which means no medication on the face of this planet can solve mental health issues in my opinion. A lot of people I’ve come across enjoy meds & require them n different levels, Need & Want & Crave. A lot of people I’ve come across support medication within the MH industry. But I do not after several years of being on meds, getting absolutely nowhere because of the meds, the meds making my body 10x worse than it was before I started any meds. My insides was perfectly fine until I took meds which after that I’ve nothing but problems. I’ve been on so many meds its unreal, But I take this stance directly because of my personal experience & to balance out my views I’ve taken some serious interest into a few friends I have who have similar situations with meds & I do my tests with them to see how they was before health wise, how the meds made them feel, how the meds helped, how the  meds didn’t help, how they felt before meds (health & MH wise), how they feel now, and much more.

Changing the Medical Industry

I’ve come to the conclusion that yes meds are helpful but not a treatment plan, in other words meds are often given to help TREAT whatever the issue is, this should not be the case, meds in my opinion should be only used for the initial moment lets say the first 2 weeks of getting help, after the 2 weeks, there should be no more meds & simultaneously a treatment plan should be set up for the person. Now with this plan above it takes the “patient” to be aware & have their facilities, so with people who are more seriously in danger, in other words people who are not aware & not with it, then a more sedation like process should be implemented. Meds for the BRIEF time, not for a continued period in both cases. Talking therapies are more effective in my opinion.

I was on medication from age 16-25, only in recent years the doctors came to the conclusion that ‘Meds make my issues Worse’ I had only been telling them that for about 5 years, but now they have seen it for themselves, years down the line, years of extra pain that could of been prevented if they had listened to me to begin with. This is the story of Meds, you have to go through all the hell, try everything they suggest that they suggest will HELP. Experience the hell each time & then when there is no Meds left for you to try they then say, “Oh maybe the meds are not working” My reaction is well No Shit Sherlock. Being ignored by the mental health “Professionals” is a massive part of the problem, because there is this theory that Meds improve everything, like I said a Chemical Imbalance, Weather the medical profession believe in this or not, they still assume that medication is the cure to mental illness. Now with physical yes Morphine helps with extreme pain, cancer treatments help to beat cancer, yes this is true but has for the MIND, the MIND is very much misunderstood. They say we only know 5% of our Mind, in all research now this % may of changed in recent years. But the knowledge of understanding the Mind is very little. So to assume meds treat the mind, is highly stupid. In my opinion, unlike the body where we know an immense amount to know that certain medication can treat certain health issues, but that’s okay because we have the understanding & knowledge to be able to make a educated guess based entirely on education & research data. Unlike the Mind we know very very little so to make an educated guess is very far fetched at the best times.

I personally believe in Talking therapies are a much helpful way to treat all types of mental health issues, id endorse this 1 million % over any medication. Talking therapies either 1 to 1 or Group. Both are helpful & effective in helping the person who needs it. Rather than giving them Mind altering Medication & also Mood disorder pills that BLOCK all emotions so it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the person to engage with their feelings, which in turn makes any treatment pointless. Because if you cannot engage with your emotions & feelings then you will FAIL in any treatment plan. Because mental health issues are largely about your emotional state & therefore to be on pills that BLOCK your emotions just seems rather inactive & a waste of everyone’s time & for the poor bastard going through this, they have to endure such NEEDLESS pain & anguish, when it could of all been prevented. You see the cycle of problems this is, its like a rat in a cage or a dog chasing its tail, it gets you absolutely nowhere…

I’m not going to speak on Governmental involvement or anything political because that will devalue this blog today also it will take us away from what I’m talking about here. So I’m giving you my views on this subject today, ways to help the person NOT the system itself. Which is an entirely different blog in itself.

I have much more I want to say to but I’m going to do them in individual blogs. But I hope that this blog was helpful in some way, my personal experience with meds & my experiences & my views on how to make things better. Remember these are just my views you may agree or disagree but that’s okay.

Please feel free to leave any feedbacks or comments. Thank You in advance.





2 thoughts on “Medication Failure, Chemical Imbalance, My view on changing the Medical Industry

    1. hi there yeah I can tell you to the best of my memory the meds that made my blood go bad, some of them are weak drugs but it all adds up there was no specific drug that did the damage it was a mixture of having to take all types of different ones throughout the years… Fluoxetine, Amitriptyline, Mirtazapine, Moclobemide, Domperidone, Lansoprazole (for gastric disorders). These are the drugs that attribute to my health issues alongside a few anti-psychotics I’ve been on. most of the drugs I’ve been on are small in the bigger picture, but at one point in my life I had to take 13 tablets a day, it risen to 15. so I was taking a big amount of these smaller pills, which in effect does more damage than a bigger pill but smaller amount. I hope this helps it was a shock to me to learn I have a blood disorder from the meds I’ve been on but I was on them for a long time taking so many a day for so many years. :/ ,hope your blood results are okay for you 🙂


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