Negative Mind Set (Mental Health)

(Short Blog).This Blog is about Negative Mind Sets. This subject will cross over to all aspect of Humanity, from someone who struggles to get by day by day, to someone who never thinks about life, rather just get on with it. Todays blog will be all my own personal perspective on this subject.

Me personally I’ve experienced majority of my life within the Negative circles of the mind set which is rather damaging. Going from one thing to another, its like blinking it just happens without notice &/or without acknowledgement. The negative thought patterns happen so frequently its pretty impossible to grab hold of them has they fly by, unless you learn the techniques to make it possible to grab hold of each thought has its about to end & another is about to begin. There is many therapy’s out there for this skill to be learnt but it does take a lot out of you, also it will trigger you in all sorts of ways. So you have to be READY to take that step because it will be painful, but its most certainly worth it, But you have to be Ready to be able to take that leap into the unknown. 

The negative mind set can come from many different area’s in your life, from childhood to life in general. Its being aware of the negative’s that’s the key to being able to adapt & overcome these issues you may be having, Being aware is something that comes naturally in my opinion. I’m all about Natural if its natural its meant to be, its something you feel inside, like an instinct it helps me to determine if what I’m doing is the right thing for me, this works for me in my life. Becoming aware of the Negative triggers that lead to the negative mind set is like playing chess in the dark, its practically impossible. (Now I’m using this word ‘Impossible’ because that’s how it feels, now I’m using this word for a specific reason, Not to depress the reader or make you think it is impossible, but rather this is the feeling we feel when tackling any mental health issue). So that is why I use that word in this way, just in case you noticed I used this negative word in this blog. But becoming aware is something that comes naturally but it also takes treatment too, to be able to just ‘Be Able’.

Now my advice for being able to tackle your negative mind set, is to be ready & know inside that you are ready. Rather than listening to others who may tell you your ready, also you have to be doing it for the right reasons, Not for anyone else, But for you & only you. Now there are many therapy’s out there for helping to treat this, But this isn’t a sole issue its connected to many other illness’s & Disorders so be open to the fact that in a bigger picture of treating a Main mental illness, but assure that if its the right type of treatment that the ‘Negative Mind Set’ will be tackled within the treatment process. Me personally id think CBT & DBT would work very well for treating the negative mind set. I’ve had CBT & DBT & Currently doing MBT at this moment in time has I write this. But there is many other therapies out there, that I cannot speak on because I’ve personally not experienced them. So it would be wrong for me to speak on them because all my blogs are from personal experience & the clinical info I give is related to that treatment or process.

Be aware that the negative mind set is almost attached into every mental illness known to mankind, so this is a prominent issue when we are talking about mental illness. You don’t have to have a specific disorder to have this issue, so this is broad across all mental health & across society in general. The only real main thing I want to get across with this blog is that you are READY to tackle your ills. Because if your not READY & you attempt these things in my personal opinion, you are setting yourself up for failure. Also if your unsure if your ready or not, Pose the question to yourself, & your first initial reaction will tell you what the answer is. That’s how you know if your ready or not to tackle these issues, because tackling any mental health issue is difficult & painful & Scary.

Id like to thank anyone who read todays short blog. Please feel free to leave any feedbacks or comments. All feedback is helpful. Good/bad/or in different.


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