BPD Awareness Month (Child Abuse)

Now todays topic is child abuse and ill be covering it within several topics within the one topic named child abuse, Now there is several factors in this issue not just the conventional thought process we all have when these words are said, which are physical ,emotional , sexual , these are the immediate thought process when we think about child abuse but there are other factors that do fall into these 3 topics, but there are differences within each topic, it covers so much in my opinion, Please remember this is my opinion unless I state its clinical stats which ill say if they are, to differentiate between the two. 

(Id like just like to say before you read my personal experience, it is a little lengthy & has a lot of information. Just a quick warning before reading)

Id like to start this topic from my own life and experiences which are quiet relevant to this topic, iv in my childhood experienced ‘Emotional Abuse’ Directly coming from just one person that being my father, Although iv not experienced sexual or physical abuse I can give a perspective of them 2 topics later on in this blog, But Emotional Abuse I can speak very clearly on has iv dealt with it in my life. People in society often regard Emotional abuse has an irrelevance because the abuser would be giving the child everything they want and need so to the outside world it seems the parent is top notch and therefore the emotional abuse goes unheard and uncared for once you open up to family the level of ignorance is beyond frustrating. Because the often response is ‘well you’ve got such and such OR they’ve given you this and that’ So that renders your feelings has 2nd best because you’ve got items of luxury so therefore you shouldn’t be complaining about any form of abuse because you should be thankful you’ve got what you have even tho behind closed doors, its very much the opposite. That has been my experience, Its only now after over a decade of this abuse, now everyone can see what I was dealing with because things have happened and now the inside abuse that was hidden from the world they can see it for themselves. So its now everyone understands what I was saying etc, but its a little too late for me to connect with them on that level because no one listened at the time. Because the very image was unthinkable because abusers are brilliant at this, masking the truth and making themselves look like the best thing since slice bread, yet behind closed doors its hell. Now I wont go into great detail about the abuse I suffered because this blog is not a therapy session for myself so I have to try and keep on topic, But what I can say is that abusers of all types are the best at making a house of cards. It has taken me over 10 years to be able to find the courage to be able to speak about all that went on and it takes a lot of time to be ready to talk about it. Even after failed attempts to resolve things with the abuser to this day things never work because they see themselves has the victim, totally blind to the damage they have done, because in their eyes they are doing nothing wrong, That’s a huge problem in EMOTIONAL ABUSE, Sometimes the abuser is unaware of the abuse there giving, but when you tell them over a period of 10 years and they refuse to admit it then its pretty pointless. So people who are unaware of the damage there giving that’s fair enough to a point, until it is addressed and they make the right changes to prevent it from happening again then that is perfectly fair. But most abusers don’t give a damn about wanting to change because they are what they are. With my life one being a parent makes it that much more sour to me because the very people that bring you into this world are the ones destroying a life you never asked for.

PHYSICAL & SEXUAL ABUSE – Now I have not experienced this at all in my life either one of the two so I can just give a brief view on these 2 topics, Iv been told by close personal friends who have experienced all 3 abuses that they can handle the sexual abuse and physical abuse because its physical but its the emotional abuse they struggle with because its all emotion based and mental health based so its that much harder to cope with and its not just 1 person its over 15 people ,13 being females and 2 being males,  so I take it from my little research of 15 close friends that they all say without a doubt that the emotional abuse is the worst to deal with, I cannot imagine the pain and everything that comes from sexual and physical abuse I cant imagine dealing with that so in my mind my mind is saying the sexual abuse would be impossible to cope with, but they all said no that’s the easiest thing to get over its the emotional and mental health that’s the damaging thing, I was quiet shocked when everyone said this, and iv done this research separately over months, it wasn’t in a group get together or anything. So off that little research id have to say the emotional seems to be the KING when it comes to abuse. But I’m not saying the other 2 are not possible kings, everyone is different. So NO JUDGEMENT.

Now I’ll be giving you some clinical information regarding Child Abuse, Please also bare in mind that child abuse isn’t just directly aimed at children under ages of lets say 10 it does range upwards to 16 years of age, and 15/16 years of age is personally when I got my emotional abuse.

What is Child Abuse?

The term “child abuse” covers a wide range of mental and physical injuries done to a minor. There are a set of experiences that experts generally consider to fit in this category:

  • Physical Abuse: Physically hurt or injured, such as bruising or broken bones
  • Sexual Abuse: Being subjected or exploited in a sexual manner by someone older
  • Emotional abuse: Undergoing emotional attacks, such as verbal abuse or degradation

Other forms of abuse can be more passive, such as in the case of physical neglect, where the child is denied basic necessities, like food or water. There is also emotional neglect, where a child’s emotional needs are ignored. No form of abuse is considered more severe than another; all forms of abuse can have long-lasting implications for the person and can shape their mental state.

Both child abuse and neglect can be related to the development of psychological disorders.


Sometime the term “child maltreatment” is used to describe both abuse and neglect of children.

Research on Child Abuse and BPD

Research does indicate that there is a relationship between child abuse and BPD. People with BPD report high rates of childhood sexual abuse and/or physical abuse. Forty to 76 percent of people with BPD report that they were sexually abused as children, and 25 to 73 percent report that they were physically abused.

So, while there is a good deal of research that links childhood abuse to BPD, there is also evidence that about a third of people with BPD report no abuse.

There is also evidence to link BPD to other forms of child maltreatment, such as emotional and physical neglect. In fact, some research suggests that emotional and physical neglect may be even more closely related to the development of BPD than physical or sexual abuse. However, this is difficult to determine, since children who experience abuse also often experience some form of neglect.

The Bottom Line

Research has fairly conclusively demonstrated a relationship between BPD and child maltreatment. However, there have been no studies that have been able to demonstrate conclusively that child maltreatment causes BPD. Rather, the research shows that BPD and child maltreatment tend to be associated with one another. More research is needed to determine whether child maltreatment is a cause of BPD, and, if so, what types of child maltreatment are most closely associated with the development of BPD.

For now, we know that while child abuse is related to BPD, it is neither a necessary or sufficient cause. There are other factors, such as genetics, biology, and other environmental factors, that are also involved in the development of BPD.

Id like to thank you for taking the time to read this post today on CHILD ABUSE. Please feel free to leave feedback or comments on here or on the facebook and/or twitter pages. Any feedback is welcome Positive or Negative or constructive all welcome.



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