BPD Awareness Month *BONUS TOPIC* (Triggers)


This very word Triggers is perhaps the KING of BPD, We all know this word very personally we all know how our own triggers make us, we all know the dangers of this word, and also it is perhaps the most used word for Borderliners because this very word is in my opinion the Ultimate KING of all issues relating to BPD. Triggers we all have them which go off on a daily basis perhaps at least 50 times is a educated guess, because with our rapid thoughts its seemingly like one thing after another, so triggers some may not understand what these are/mean. its basically like this if your unsure how this works, if you are out and about you might see someone pushing a pram and bang a trigger has been hit and you suddenly begin to go into that place that relates to the trauma that relates to a pram weather that is something that happened to you or something like loss of children, that’s a trigger because suddenly something you was not thinking about suddenly your thinking about it like it just had happened or like your right back there within a flash, and during this trigger being hit you have several reactions it would be impossible for me to name them because we all react differently but I can tell you my own mechanics. when a trigger gets hit for me I go into that place whatever the trigger is and I just sit with the emotions and feelings and I go along for the ride knowing the fact il come out of it at some point but during the trigger being hit its extreme in emotions because it is 100% negative, nothing positive is in it, and its quiet traumatic for me personally because its real deep and hard issues, and that’s just 1 trigger, while your in that trigger you could see something else that is a trigger and bang your in that trigger and everything that comes with it and again another trigger gets it and again your in that trigger, that is how it is for borderliners, constantly jumping from 1 thing to another (NOT AT OUR WILL) we do not ask for this nor want this, it just happens and we are pretty much powerless to prevent it, its not a woes me its just the truth.

You see the issues with triggers, they happen weather you like them or not and no matter what’s going on for you in the physical world like driving, working, looking after kids etc your going through the physical issues of life and then you suddenly get thrown into the triggers bullshit, its quiet frustrating because it takes you against your will and we all know with bpd how dangerous our emotions can be, because the FEELINGS are so intense they lead us to do bad things to ourselves or even leads us to attempting suicide etc.

My triggers range from memories to talking to words to images to everyday life when I say everyday I mean everyday like a bus number or a smell or you name it, its a trigger and it makes my life extreme to deal with, but iv learned my triggers and I am now aware of my triggers and now I’m able to control some of them very well, because I’m aware of them I’m able to fight it, when your unaware of your triggers its one of the worst places to be because your getting taken somewhere and your asking yourself like ‘why is this happening’ Now when my triggers get hit I don’t ask that now I just say okay lets ride this and I know soon il be out of this tunnel. Which does help but it took a hell of a lot to learn my triggers and in my opinion you can only learn your triggers by letting them happen and also therapy and also learning where things go off track, it takes a hell of a lot out of you trust me, but its worth it, it truly is.

Triggers will always be there its being able to manage them that’s the key to beating this bastard, because triggers are ingrained in our DNA it is impossible to remove because we are humans not robots, learning to deal with them is the key to beating this bastard.

This was a bonus topic I chosen to do because I’m going to miss tomorrow may 5th, so I hope this little bonus topic helped you guys in anyway. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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