Lucifer The Fallen Angel, The Barer of Light. (My Perspective)

id like to start by saying this is my perspective of the subject iv title Lucifer the fallen angel, My views are based off my own personal beliefs which have not been manipulated by books and so called Research. Also id like to say before I begin that this subject is out of the realm of what this Blog Project is designed for but this subject is very close to my heart & holds some power in my life.

Angels: Its often spoken of angels in the Christian faith, and only spoken generally by religious people no matter the faith but Christianity is the main socially lead faith that talks about angels in such senses. I take a rather different viewpoint has Angels & Demons have been around a lot longer than any mainstream religion and even in the case of Jesus Christ ,angels was here before jesus was here in Human form, has we know jesus to be Gods child ,therefore an angel himself in a sense. I personally detest religion and I have distain for Chrisianity, but when I speak of angels people often say ‘when you talk about all that religious stuff’ meaning the angels talks, it often strikes me that within society if you speak of angels your thought of as religious when in my opinion it couldn’t be further from the truth. Its a shame that certain religions in the world have hijacked certain words and corrupted the meanings of the words and used them to further there agenda’s. But like I said angels was here before any mainstream faith, weather the religions are right or wrong is irrelevant, it does not matter to me what faith you maybe, if you speak of angels then speak freely. No religion has the right to hijack such subject in my opinion. I do believe in angels and also a little info I personally believe iv been touched by an angel which isn’t going to be this blog because that’s of subject, I just wanted to share that to show what I’m saying. If you know me personally you know how much distain I have for religion but NOT religious people there is a huge misconception about this when I say I have distain for religion I often get comments about how religious people are such and such. I must STRESS I have no hard feelings towards religious people, I have issues with religion full stop.

Angels in my opinion are real and can touch us in many ways, weather they can take human form and such and such I wont go into because we do not know either way so its pointless discussion or in this case read. But I personally believe in angels and demons but I’m attached to no faith also id like to stress I’m not an atheist I personally believe them to the same has religion but the other side of the coin.

JINS: Jins or in the normal language you’d know them has Demons, also remember this is all my opinion and my own personal perspective. Now Demons or has I say JINS which are there actual name, Jins are evil ,pure evil unlike Lucifer himself, Jins was and are Angels but they was the angels that sided with Lucifer when the war broke out in heaven which a lot of faiths say was because of Lucifer, which il get into on the topic of him later on, These angels who are now Jins are pure evil because they have been to hell and when god casted Lucifer and his angels out of heaven they all fell, god created HELL for Lucifer but infact Lucifer never has been in hell, NEVER , unlike his angels Lucifer was able to prevent the fall to hell, but his angels could not and they fell into hell and then became demons then they became the evil jins that plague humanity, they are pure evil because they came from an evil being itself that being god. Lucifer isn’t evil at all but his angels are ,so the demons we have on earth is thanks to one being and that’s not Lucifer. Lucifer is the barer of light remember that, he is also gods most greatest creation and most powerful.

Jins do have incredible powers tho, such has being able to possess humans and animals and its said they can predict tragic events but I don’t personally believe that 100%, there is a huge difference tho between a JIN and a Evil spirit which il get into later on , but quickly a Jin is an angel who’s been to hell ,a evil spirit is a Human spirit but the human the soul is evil and then is a evil spirit who haunts and terrorizes humans but they are not demons or jins, although if connected to them they may say they are but there not. often siting the word DIABLO which is the latin word for devil. Lucifer and his angels infact would not use this term, has the word Satan and the devil are offensive to Lucifer himself, I do say himself or him in reference to Lucifer but that is the easiest way of describing Lucifer has you may know Lucifer isn’t a he or a she, more like a being. But that’s hard to describe/word in a general discussion.

Quran: Now iv not read the quran but I have it on reliable sources I mean very reliable sources, that there is a dispute that the quran was written by Lucifer himself, and like the bible its been manipulated by moronic humans, but this is a questioned topic that Lucifer may of wrote this has the truth against the heavy believed Bible. I personally am unsure of this and I have no intention of finding out if its true or not because like I said at the very beginning my views have not been corrupted by books. But I couldn’t leave this out because this is a heavy spoken subject when Lucifer is debated. to know maybe his words are here in human form umm okay.

Bible: So Lucifer is spoken of in the bible but very briefly tho, and is also spoken of has the devil or satan, which satan was the name god gave Lucifer after Lucifer so called betrayed god. So briefly Lucifer was spoken in the bible but he is spoken of in a bad light has expected because it is gods so called words so clearly he’s not going to be fully honest his he, because if he did then he wouldn’t have such a control over his angels and over humanity who believe in him and his little story. The bible is very manipulated like all books, specially religious books they are very manipulated so its hard to find fact from fiction.

War In Heaven: The war in heaven apparently began when Lucifer confronted god and attempted to take control, such and such. But its claimed there was a bloody battle in heaven and then Lucifer lost the battle and him and his angels was casted out of heaven, which I guess is true in the sense.

God: Now Lucifer was and is gods most greatest creation and Lucifer is the barer of light and was and is the most powerful angel god had ever created and Lucifer was also gods most loved angel, he loved Lucifer the most thus made him the greatest angel of them all. even more greater than jesus himself, also jesus was in human form unlike Lucifer, after Lucifer who’s greatest crime was he did not love god no more after he learned about how god was and such and such, therefore Lucifer wanted to not love god no more and also he attempted to tell all the angels about the truth of god and Lucifer got quiet a following which il go into later on , but because Lucifer refused to LOVE god and chose to go against him that’s when god turned on his greatest creation and thus the war began. Lucifer’s biggest crime was he did not LOVE god. That’s such a bad crime isn’t it. Who’s the evil one in this picture. You make your mind up.

Jesus: Now jesus is gods son and was killed and put on the cross we all know this story, but the lesser told story is how it became to be, its deemed that Lucifer is responsible for jesus’s death, in the war between god and Lucifer still raged on and even tho Lucifer could never get back to heaven or within reach of god, Lucifer was able to to reach earth via choice ,he also played a part in adam and eve story, where he manipulated eve such and such, but this with jesus its deemed Lucifer was at the doing for this has a revenge and an attack towards god. even tho Lucifer couldn’t get to god, he was more than capable of getting to his son. Jesus Christ.

3rd of the Host: So a 3rd of the hosts in heaven chose to, to side with Lucifer and then they became Lucifer’s angels and although there was a 3rd of the host ,god took no time in casting them all out of heaven after the war. A 3rd of the hosts sided with Lucifer because he told them the truth about god and they wanted change and a different way of things, you can see how it was up there if you have any heavy religious Christians in your life you’ll know how bad it must of gotten to in heaven.

Hell: This place was created for Lucifer and for any angel or human who defies god and his words and his ways, if you go against him in anyway you are deemed to hell, which we are all unaware of if its real or not, but the place hell was created by god who claims he loves us all etc etc, why would he create such a place of pure evil? , Hell is tagged with satan, i.e Lucifer which is quiet bad isn’t it because in fact it has nothing to do with Lucifer or his angels ,it was god who created this place and yet god is so loved yet he is the very one who created evil but yet he is blameless. I take a different view entirely.

Now id like to thank you for reading this if you did manage to get through it all, it taken me quiet a while to get all this out, I wanted to say so much more but I knew it was getting lengthy even tho I kept it quiet brief VS my notes. But yeah this is all my own perspective I’m more than happy to take any comments and please feel free to leave comments or likes etc. Lucifer the barer of light blog post.















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