7 Basic Emotions

There is a difference between Basic Emotions and newer (Social Emotions). Basic Emotions are emotions that exist in all mammals, while newer emotions exist in more developed primates and Humans. Basic Emotions are localized in the same area in the brain, evoke the same physical reactions and each of them are linked to a set reaction pattern.

The 7 Basic Emotions are

1.Interest & Curiosity



4.Sexual Lust

5.Separation Anxiety/Sadness



I was going to re-type word for word what it states in the booklets I have from my treatment progression, but instead il chime in with what these emotions are to me. I learned there is a difference between Feelings & Emotions, which is often mixed up for a lot of us, example Emotion being – Sadness , feeling upset/lonely etc , the feeling is the symptom or a result of the emotion your dealing with. Trying to treat your emotion will result in eradicating the feeling, but that takes something else to be able to do, which for us Humans is extreme to accomplish. But that’s a problem isn’t it because we FEEL whatever we do and we try to make it better by making our selfs FEEL better, but what we are doing is basically this. You have a Tree in your garden you want to take down but you begin at just cutting the branches and hoping the tree will dealt with. We take so much time in trying to fix the feelings when in fact its not the feelings we should be tackling its the emotion. You cannot stop the feeling until you stop the emotion or in this case change the emotion if you can do that, its like driving a car 100 mph and by pressing the accelerator even more your hoping that will slow you down, when in fact its the brakes that will stop the car, that’s what we do with our emotions and feelings, we press the wrong pedal all the time or most of the time, leaving us feeling powerless, yes we are because we are pressing the wrong pedal, were cutting the wrong branches. Understanding its perfectly okay to FEEL what your FEELING and not to feel guilty about the feelings you have, that is perfectly okay to do so, as long has you remember its the emotion at needs your attention.

Emotions and feelings are 2 very mixed up bags of whatever, and most of the time we feel they cross eachother leaving you powerless to figure out which one is which, but try to remember whatever feeling your feeling its got a root emotion and knowing what that emotion is, is a great help to then being able to at least take up the challenge of changing it. if your unaware of what emotion is at play then try your very very best to sit down and try and work it out on your own, and see what emotion could be at play and then try to change what you can, where you can.

Try your very best to educate yourself has best has you can about your own emotions and feelings and try your very best to be able to make some sense for yourself, because no matter what feeling your feeling it has an emotion and just sitting down and trying to see what’s going on in your head and in your heart ,taking time out to focus on this, it might open up something, something might click, and if it does your unable to go backwards because once you learn something, you cannot unlearn it. Progression guys it takes time and pain but I’m sure we all can one day understand our selfs and our emotions and feelings.



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