Traits for Borderliners

Traits for borderliners is the topic here, Now I just want to say before I begin this is all my opinion from living with this from a small age also anecdotal evidence which is by far the most proven evidence in my opinion because its what you’ve seen with your own eyes or felt with your own hands etc.

They say Traits come from experience & we learn them throughout our life’s & therefore be devolp personality Traits, I Gave a speech 2 years ago about this which I will try to inject in this blog, difficult it will be to do so. But they say our Personality Traits come from early early ages in life, which take a course for us for the rest of our natural life’s. Now with BPD & Traits its quiet a conflicted state of affairs, rather its like a bloody Battle in the old ages with no victor just bloodshed for no reason. How can one with BPD devolp a Personality Trait when they infact have a BPD condition or a Split personality, How would one devolp this thing we call Traits if we are unable to devolp a Personality to begin with.

The way Traits work is similar to this ,you have a fear of spiders from early age for an unknown reason to you but you are afraid of the spider so if a spider comes near you, you panic and run, so its said that something must of happened early on in your life to make you fear spiders ,thus when you see one your subconscious kicks in and then makes you aware you need to avoid this thing at all costs. That is where or how a TRAIT is built within us, Thus experiences results in a Trait. Which we are for the most part unable to control until we learn how to control our own mind. Understanding your Traits is one thing, trying to overcome destructive ones is another, and trying to create new traits is almost impossible. But it can be done. But it takes time.

I seriously disputed the notion that we are BORN with TRAITS which is what was being said at this meeting I had attended. After I heard the speeches I had to stand up and voice what I thought TRAITS was and are, to my amazement after my 25 minute speech the room applauded me and someone who was giving the previous speech had said to me I had wished I had written that down every word because it was amazing, I personally cannot remember what I had said but I knew what I said was straight from the heart and was entirely unplanned.

They attempted to portray TRAITS has something you are just BORN with like 2 eyes,2 legs,2 arms etc, they had tried to say that traits are with us from Birth and that life will just make our traits grow (which in a sense is right) but the context is wrong in my opinion, They say life teaches us things which makes our traits blossom either in a good way or a bad way, that’s irrelevant. But I questioned this and I had said NO in fact TRAITS are all down to our life experiences and thus our traits develop from them, we are not born with them like a blank canvas, No life gives us whatever it may and we thus develop traits related to our life’s and thus TRAITS are purely down to our upbringing and our way of thinking, and way of thinking for the majority comes from our upbringing so there again, its all cogs in a machine. We are NOT just born with some things, yes we have the seeds to grow these things, but it takes us watering them for them to grow, they just don’t grow by themselves. In my opinion.

TRAITS for me is a TRIGGER word, I personally have issues with this word and its meaning, but that’s my personal issues. Personality Traits are developed through our life’s we are not born with them.

We also develop traits from our parents and family that should be taken into account also, this is a known fact that we develop traits from parents, so the theory that we are born with traits is like I said before somewhat right but not in the right context, Traits are a big bag of Family pass on’s to seeds we have inside our self’s to the life we are born into and/or the life we live from age 0 to 100.

TRAITS can change and develop has your life goes on, now some are set in stone pretty much from the get go, family traits is what id say is never in your control to change, because if we get onto the family and traits part it also comes down to your blood, that often phrase ‘Its in my blood’ like if a father and grandfather was a racing driver naturally the 3rd gen child would have racing in his blood and have talents and things that if taken the time to WATER them SEEDS, he or she will be able to GROW them SEEDS and then make a life for themselves. So has you can see it all goes Hand in Hand, it is NOT one over the other, there all go together to create our life’s.

Thank you in advance for taking the time out to read my blog on TRAITS for BORDERLINERS. thank you





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